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10 Weeks to a New Perspective - One-on-one CC Coaching

Learning to stay present through your breath, is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself

Discover the powerful benefits of long distance learning through meditation:
Allow Sharone to take you on a journey where she will lead you step by step in a creative process. You will learn simple, yet effective meditative and breathing techniques over the phone, easy to comprehend, that will change your life forever. You will receive color photo PDF manuals with instructions, as well as clear guidance for each success technique taught. Allow experience to overcome your skepticism, and be your greatest teacher.

10 Weeks to a New Perspective is a Personal One on One Transformational Journey to embark on that Sharone will lead you through with direct focus on your personal and professional goals.

After 18 months of extensive research into many life-changing perspectives, Sharone has developed a specialized program that covers why people do stay stuck in their lives, and then coupled with techniques that can move you through these patterns forever. It is very exciting to bring this personalized program into fruition to benefit you in every aspect of your life.

In late 2005 Sharone & Bob Proctor sat down for a coffee and got to talking about how one's perception creates their reality. They used the example of looking at one's body from one angle, and then another angle, and how it can look completely different depending on the perception one holds in the mind. This is very true in our lives with everything that we do. The mind is the most powerful tool that you can use to determine your results in every area of your life. Everything you need is already present within you and just waiting to be unraveled and expressed. It is a matter of accessing this internal wisdom and conscious awareness to bring it out into fruition.

"The Calm Confidence One on One Coaching with Sharone is an 10 week Transformational process that leads you into incremental progress and quantum leaps towards the success that is just waiting to be experienced in your life.

The program is very inexpensive for what you will receive and be able to create for the rest of your life.

Imagine having 10 weeks specifically designed for you with a focus on helping you achieve your goals and lead the life you are meant to live with Courage and Calm Confidence." -- Bob Proctor


I am presently leading a project that is so much bigger than myself and I was searching for some practical tools to keep me strong, calm and confident to move progressively closer to the manifestation of my vision, despite the obvious challenges a project of this size entails and life’s inevitable curve balls.

As soon as I began to working with Sharone, subconscious fears and limited beliefs about myself, my worthiness and ability to lead this international endeavour began to surface. Freeing these blockages made a significant difference in my ability to continue taking courageous steps forward, whereas before I most assuredly would have abandoned the whole project, because of self-sabotaging behaviour, a natural consequence of poor programming and self-doubt..

A commitment to practicing the techniques Sharone put together in a program designed especially for me, has made such a difference in my life. Not only am I more confident in my role as creator and executive producer of an international reality tv show for teens, but I have also stopped needing to control how the manifestation of my vision will unfold, calmly trusting that everything will align naturally from inspired action.

In fact, I am so impressed with Sharone’s expertise and intuitive guidance that I am honoured to include her as a live coach for the teens on our show, knowing that she will provide them and our global viewing audience with invaluable tools to better understand their power and cope with life’s challenges.

Sharone, I am so happy and grateful for the voice that resides within you and expressed through your work!

Yours in the joyous co-creation of GREAT and WONDROUS things!

Susan Boxer

Life Success Consultant


*All prices in US Dollars

What People Are Saying:


I purchased Sharone Benegbi's 10 week calm confidence program and instead of ending at 10 weeks, it went on for at least 15- 20 weeks, she really does go that extra mile for you. Before I started the program I had many road blocks in my life, but now I have a healthier and clearer path on where I want to be and where I'm going.

One of the many benefits from the program was me stopping smoking cigarettes and weed. Right at the beginning of the program Sharone wanted me to have optimal health and to get the full benefit from the program, so right there and then I made up my mind that I was going to stop punishing my mind and body with the smoking.

I set a date as to when I was going to stop the smoking, it would have been 3 weeks into the program and without patches or gimmicks I stopped smoking on that day. I did have a few relapse, where I would really crave for a cigarette, but what amazed me so much was when I did have that craving and I went for a cigarette was how horrible and nasty the cigarette tasted, there was no enjoyment from it at all, the taste and the smell just seemed magnified and that was from one pull. So the meditation I was doing had a real effect on helping me combat my addiction in a very short time.

My immune system has dramatically improved as well. Last year I had a cold which was one of the worst colds I have ever had, for the simple reason it lasted a whole 4 weeks, but this year when I had a cold it lasted 4 days, which was truly amazing. I also love the fact that my intuition as become strong again, it is now guiding me on the right path to success. I'm able to think clearer and make the right decisions in life.

Sharone is a wonderful human being, whom I truly looked forward to speaking to a on a weekly basis, I'm going to miss our calls, but with my daily meditations she will always be with me in my mind and my spirit for the rest of my life..

I thank you Sharone and God Bless You!!


United Kingdom

"I have done yoga before but my body finds some of the positions rather hard. When I received the email from Bob Proctor about 10 Bodies Yoga I felt the urge to have another go and I am so glad I did. It is different to what I have done before less movement and trying to get my body into certain positions and more breathing techniques. I have notice huge changes in the way I think actually I think quite differently now and we haven't even finished the course.Initially when the changes were occuring I was having to spend time alone because there were so many tears. Cleaning out of the old to make way for the new. I would recommend this course to any one who wants to be the the director of their life and the master gardener of their soul. Thank you Sharone "

Gidgegannup, Australia

"Hi Sharone, I want to say thank you for your course, I have learnt so much and I know that I am having benefits already. I am not as reactive, I have learnt to 'breath' in all situations. I am feeling more connected, sometimes my emotions really do come to the service, if feels good because it feels like there are shifts taking place within me, would that be correct? I am always a lot clearer after tears. I am definitely sleeping better as I like to practice the meditations designed for before bedtime. Once again, thank you so much for what you have brought to my life, a new awareness, thank you. "

Trish D.
Pelton, NSW, Australia

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