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Hear what Bob Proctor has to say about Calm Confidence
Hear what Bob Proctor has to say about Calm Confidence

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Sharone's Mission:

"To Empower individuals through practical techniques
to live their Truth with Courage and Calm Confidence"

What People Are Saying About Calm Confidence...

Sharone, is a gifted teacher who clearly has a great passion for helping others. Through her guidance, the weekly practice and meditations revealed that they are indeed a powerful tool that I can now use as part of my personal development.

Greater clarity and better health were my two main goals starting out. After our initial ten weeks the most wonderful thing was to realize that, indeed, I was well on my way to realizing those goals. Each week something seemed to "happen" in my life that brought me in line with and closer to the realization of those goals. That is the beauty of the work Sharone has done with me. In addition I find the practice itself to be extremely calming and refreshing. The warmup exercises seem to remind my body of the place where it can just be, without judgement, so that I look forward to doing the meditations. I have found that with continued practice of the work come results that appear in the most gentle, natural way.

I thank you Sharone for being so kind and genuinely interested in helping me on my journey as well as for introducing me to and guiding me in this wonderful work. Your down to earth, good natured, warmth, compassion and humour have made it a joy to work with you.


I highly recommend the 10 Week One-On-One Coaching Program offered by Sharone Benegbi! The value added benefits of working with Sharone greatly exceed the cost!

Sharone’s Calm Confidence Program is a truly unique experience, because it combines the benefits of Yoga & Meditation with personal goal achievement and emotional growth. Sharone takes the time to “connect” with you, understand your needs & ambitions, and then customize her program around you

I have not only enjoyed the benefits of the yoga & meditation techniques, but I have received great insights and even therapeutic benefits from my one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharone each week. Sharone “genuinely cares” about the people she works with and will always go the extra mile to help you...

Vince Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

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